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The most common types include:

Is one of the primary ingredients in raw cannabis. It is an acidic cannabinoids, containing anti-inflammatory properties. It may also be useful for reducing spasms and cell proliferation.

It is an essential acidic cannabinoid because it ultimately converts into the other main cannabinoids, including CBG. And similarly to THCA, it also contributes to cannabis’ anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Another primary ingredient found in raw cannabis, much like THCA. It also plays a role in the anti-inflammatory attributes associated with cannabis.

Is an acidic cannabinoid that usually converts from THCA. THCA turns into CBNA when THCA is oxidized.

A unique cannabinoid found in cannabis from tropical regions. Research suggests CBC is useful for pain relief, inflammation, cellular proliferation, and bone growth.

A rare cannabinoid that’s only available in particular strains of cannabis. And though its structure is only slightly different than THC, it has unique properties that are useful for bone growth, anxiety, and appetite.

it is another minor cannabinoid that slightly differs from CBD. Much of its usefulness is unknown because research is still in the beginning stages, but recent studies indicate CBDV may have benefits towards managing epilepsy.

The least abundant cannabinoid found in industrial hemp but found the most in marijuana cannabis THC is known for its psychoactive effects and typically helpful as a mild painkiller. It may contain antioxidant features as well.

Is a cannabinoid produced separately from oxidized THC and when CBNA becomes exposed to prolonged heat or sunlight. Raw cannabis converts THC into CBN as as it matures. CBN acts as a mild psychoactive having sedative effects.

Is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid created from CBGA during decarboxylation. Research suggests that CBG contains antibacterial properties and is useful for cell proliferation, bone growth, and inflammation.

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