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THCv for Weight Loss

THCv for Weight Loss

What is THCV?

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is a rare cannabinoid mostly found in African cannabis sativa plants. Natives of the Congo River region consumed THCV to give them energy and prevent hunger while working long hours without food. Fortunately, advances in breeding and extraction mean that THCV can now be extracted on its own and formulated into purified THCV oils and THCV gummies.

THCV for weight loss

How does THCV weight loss work? Like CBD and THC, THCV interacts with the human endocannabinoid system – a complex system that regulates hormones, sleep, anxiety, pain, inflammation, appetite, fertility and more. THCV turns off the brain’s CB1 receptor, which in turn suppresses appetite.

Studies show THCV increases energy, suppresses appetite, and offers potential anti-addiction effects against nicotine.

Pharmaceutical anti-obesity drugs like Rimonabant work in a similar way. They have been very successful for weight loss as they help people eat less and exercise more. However, these pharmaceutical drugs cause negative side effects, including depression.

Thankfully, this study and this study found that THCV works as an appetite suppressant without causing depressive side effects.

How to take THCV

THCV Gummies: Gummies are a tasty way to take THCV. Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THCV gummies each contain 25 mg THCV. This is a very large amount of THCV. Take half to one THCV gummy daily to increase energy and suppress appetite.

“I eat one in the morning and it makes me feel alert and focused, like strong espresso, but without the jitters or upset stomach, and I don’t feel hungry for hours,” said a recent customer review.

THCV gummies are vegan, non-GMO, naturally lemon-flavored and contain no artificial ingredients.


THCV Oil Tincture: This tincture contains 500 mg purified THCV in certified organic MCT coconut oil. It is the world’s first pure THCV oil. Simply spray it under your tongue and swallow for full effects.

THCV CBD blend: This tincture contains purified THCV with full spectrum Hawaiian CBD for the entourage effect. It offers a whole-hemp experience thanks to its combination of appetite-suppressing THCV and Maui-grown CBD.

For appetite suppression, THCV will not work as well if taken with THC. If you do take cannabis with THC, it’s good to combine THCV with CBD for added protection against the munchies. Buy CBD oils and gummies here.

Don’t forget that a healthy diet and increased exercise will also help you achieve your weight loss goals more effectively.

Tips for THCV weight loss

In addition to THCV, CBD and other hemp cannabinoids may help you hit those health and weight loss goals. For example, some weight loss programs focus heavily on the correlation between mental health and food consumption. If you identify with the phrase, “eating your feelings,” you will likely understand this connection. CBD promotes stress resilience, balance, and a sense of calm, while CBN (cannabinol) will help you have more restful sleep. We all make better food choices when we’re well-rested and in control of our feelings and emotions.

Visit Rare Cannabinoid Company for links to dozens scientific studies on THCV, CBD, CBN and other cannabinoids. If you have more specific questions about THCV for health issues, the website also has a directory of independent cannabinoid experts who can help.

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